It's Cycy :3

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Oh Dear. It seems, I need to update this.

Well. My name is Cyril [[Sai-Ril]], but feel free to call me Cy/Cy Cy. I'm a Filipino girl who is interested in many Japnese things. xDDD Such as, JROCK, JPOP, ANIME, JDORAMAS and any other random things I come across :D I tend to Spazz a lot and easily about anything that I'm into ahahaha~ xD

Currently, I'm into a Japanses Idol group called ARASHI. The members consist of Sakurai Sho, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, Aiba Masaki, and Matsumoto. I began with Matsujun, however my fangirl love for Sho&Nino grew more :D hahahaha so Matsujun now stands in l-last place xDDDD I guess. His personality didn't make me laugh as much as the others~ but I still got love for him :D Just see how I listed the members, that's how I like them. BUT BUT Ohno&Aiba are in the same place haha.

Anywho, I'm easy to get along with and happy to meet anyone who shares common interests with me! Just hope you don't mind any random fangirling glee xDD &&entries that don't appear after weeks/months haha but I still read your entries! :D <3

Ja, Genkidena! :]