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25 December 2033 @ 10:43 pm

CREDIT TO keyzti@rainbowdump for my sexy layout~ ;D ♥

My name is Cyril.
Nothing much to know about.....
Currently obsessing over Arashi.
I love them all, but a certain Newscaster has taken my heart♥

Hope we can be friends? hahaha xD ♥

Screened Comments. Cause we all know some personal information gets asked/said about one another~ :D ♥
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25 October 2033 @ 01:10 pm
I mastered the art of Windows Media Movie Maker ;D Hello ringtones and some fulls song I got~ :]

EDIT: This is gonna be my music dump post haha. So, please excuse all the random music/ringtones from different arists :D

Tokei Jikake no Umbrella (Ringtone) - Arashi
Tokei Jikake no Umbrella[1] - MF
Tokei Jikake no Umbrella[2] - MF
Tokei Jikake no Umbrella[3] - MF
Tokei Jikake no Umbrella[4] - MF
Tokei Jikake no Umbrella[5] - MF
Tokei Jikake no Umbrella[Sakurap] - MF
Tokei Jikake no Umbrella[Sakurap2] - MF
Password: lOvE_sOnG
Thank you arashinino for providing the full song of Tokei~ Can be found Here :D

Yurase Ima Wo - Arashi (Full Song&Ringtones)
Yurase Ima Wo[Full Song] - MF
Yurase Ima Wo[1] - MF
Yurase Ima Wo[2] - MF
Yurase Ima Wo[3] - MF
Password: Rollingrollingon~

Sukiyanen Osaka - Arashi (Full Song&Message Alerts)
Sukiyanen Osaka[Full Song] - MF
Suki! Ohno[1] - MF
Suki! Ohno[2] - MF
Suki! Ohno[3] - MF
Suki! Aiba - MF
Suki! Matsujun - MF
Suki! Nino - MF
Suki! Sho - MF
Password: SukiDAyo~!

Mada Minue Sekai E - Arashi
Password: CoMeWiThMe~

Sora Takaku - Arashi
Password: 12345soraTAKAKU

Troublemaker - Arashi
Password: aReYoUrEaDy?

Mou Ippo - Arashi
Password: mOUiPPO

JAM [Iza Now! Concert] - Arashi
Password: jAmmIn'

Christmas Song - Sakurai Sho
Password: itsHoLyNiGhT

Konya wa Boogie Back - Sakurai Sho
Password: JuiCYFruIT

ORION - Ninomiya Kazunari
Password: iBEliEvE

Kisarazu Theme - Kisarazu CATS (w/KISHIDAN)
Password: gAnbAttE!

Mirror Ball (Piano Version) - Alice Nine
Password: hIde&SeEK

Please, don't repost links, reupload [without my permission] or anything like that. D: I know you guys know the basics for these kinds of things ahaha~ &&Please do credit if your planning on using it for something~

Let me know if anything is wrong with the links :3
Thank You&&Hope You Enjoy!
-Cy Cy~ ♥

Announcement: I got a CONVERTTEERR *_____* Are there any songs you guys need in mp3 format? Or should I just convert all of them? I know I have my ringtones and other songs as wma since I edit it with Windows Movie Maker...Let me know if you guys want anything converted~ :D Thank you!
&&Everyone, thank you so much for the comments ♥ I love reading them all~ About adding....if you want me to add you back, gimme a little heads up or leave a comment at HERE I hope I can get to know ya more~ :x
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21 September 2011 @ 12:14 pm

I miss you guys. I miss you journal -huggles neglected blog- I have so many tabs opened of peoples' journal entries it's hilarious xDDDD I fail. I promise I'll catch up and update. I just need to finish my stupid English paper due in three hours :C

I wanna just stop by and say hi~~~
♥ Cyril
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01 August 2011 @ 01:42 am
Kyah~ My family and I took a five day vacation at DISNEYLAND~ ♥♥

making gifs is too much fun. /addict &&I actually survived the dreadful 7hr drive x__x

Got home...I wanna say two hours ago?? I brought my laptop thinking we were gonna have internet/staying at the hotel we usually stayed at, but it was too expensive @__@;; So we stayed at Embassy Suites? But no internet cause you had to pay D: At least I was able to watch the first two eps of Bartender on the way back lololol /slow

but yes~ I'm home and going to bed now. It's late xD

To Do list for tomorrow:
-Clean up/put away clothes
-Go karaoking with my friend at 3pm
-Stalk LJ &&finally make that NY post -__-
-Update LJ+icons
-Get back to those 54654653065 day old comments....
-Zumba at the gym!


Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Ps. 22 more days left in CA. I can't believe time went by so fast! >___
30 June 2011 @ 11:05 am
I have a new layout~~!!! \^o^/ made by the all mighty keyzti at the most amazing layout comm, rainbowdump >w< ♥ I thought it was time for a change? lol I even changed my..what is that called, "Semi-friends" banner thing LOL My little sister made it for me! >w<♥

anywho~ has anyone heard/seen the Korean Drama "You're Beautiful?" My friend's sister recommended it and I watched it with my own little sister! And...ohmygah it's just so...dafkjgasdhf KYAAHHH~ *___* If anyone wants a love story that kinda reminds you of Hana Yori Dango, I have to say you HAVE to watched this drama! It's not like Hana Yori at all, but I dunno why it just reminded me of it...Probabpy the main character reminds me of Matsujun...only...he's the Korean version of him LOL

BUT YES! It has everything, romance, comedy and those UNF? scenes /fails at explaining.... Plus the two main characters are SO ADORABLE~~!! They srsly look like they would go out with each other~~ Kyah >w< maybe I'll make a little post about it some other time~ Anywhoooo....Uhm..YES, I was looking at the some pictures of the drama (because I really want the girl's shoes) and I happened to come accross this:

It's a PIG RABBIT PLUSHIE. OHMYGAH *_______________________* I'm really tempted to buy it huhuuuh♥ On Ebay it's like worth what. $6.99? Plus shipping and handling it'll of course go higher but..GAAHHH I want iittt ;O;

Hmm...little VS. Arashi gif spam I guess later.. Cause Arashi x Tano Shingo is freakin HILARIOUS xD Go go go! Go watched it if you haven't yet~~

Hope your week has been good and have a great weekend!
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22 March 2011 @ 12:10 am
The other night I had this amazing dream&&a certain someone made a special appearance<333333333

I think it's cute too!!! o__o;;; I mean, it somehow works right??!?! [/maybe becoming insane]

I THINK I was in Arashi's greenroom waiting for Sho to back from filming. He comes in saying he's sorry for keeping me waiting and he was wearing that outfit...just minus the shield xDD I started laughing over what he was wearing and saying it was really weird how it actually looked really, really cute on him. Especially the hat♥ Then he said, "Okay! Let's take a picture then!" Then he sat behind me, wrapped an arm around my waist and laid his head on my shoulder. I took a picture with my phone and bam!♥ Then I set it as my default screen and YEAH! The smnile was just..and well the whole dream was just, it was...really..uwahh~~ xDDDDD

Also...I have news that not everyone knows?? :DbCollapse )

Yosh..I'm heading to bed~~~~ I was quite productive. I finished folding the stack of laundry from yesterday xDD Downloaded all episodes of Tokyo Dogs!! I'm planning on re-watching/finishing it ;D Then I went to the gym, but then I think my monthly present is coming soon cause I tend to est a lot before it. And that's what I did when I got home from doing Zumba, Ate. A. Lot. -cries- I won't loose to you!! I need to loose more weight so I can hopefully look good in this dress xD

Have a great week everyone~~!!!♥♥
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11 March 2011 @ 12:33 am
Who have family and friends in Japan, I hope everything is okay. I also hope you can get into contact with them as soon as possible.

To my family and friends in Philippines and other countries concern. I hope you all will be okay and won't have to go through something just as terrible. I heard there are Tsunami warnings going off.

You have my prayers and best wishes. Hope you're all able to be safe -huggles tight- ;___; ♥♥

Edit: Kuuuuuu, a Tsunami Warning came on my TV..... For Northern California :/ Hope you're all safe as well!
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09 March 2011 @ 12:47 am
A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their journal and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

B) Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.
syri_chii a_short_cry amai_yo baka_hanyou hyun_tho keeeerols analineblue tuski_no_hime, but still. if you wanna do it, GO DO ITTTT

Its time Ive done this after being tagged 4 freakin times haha xDCollapse )

Wahahaha I'm going to...take off my contacts&&eye makeup and sleep. I need to go exchange the new shoes I got. I swear...only I can be the one that buys pair of shoes and find out that they're not even the SAME SIZE -___-;; the left shoe is a 7 and the other is an 8 LOLOLOL [/sho!fail] I was trying a smaller and a bigger one to compare sizes since Forever 21 doesn't have 1/2 sizes xD

Good Night~!!
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23 February 2011 @ 05:45 pm

I DID IT YOU GUYS. I DID MY ORAL COMMENTARY EXAM FOR MY IB ENGLISH CLASSSSSSS -jumps around in joy- Lemme explain real quick. So for my IB English class, we're given a passage (at random) on something that we studied from the start of the semesters and a little of the 2nd one. Then we have 10 minutes to pretty much write down notes about it and then we have to go to another room to talk about it for 15 mins and our voices are recored and sent off somewhere to the world. Well, whatever other country has the IB Program at their school.

...I was freakin nervous like...no joke xDDDD This was one of the things that worried me since the start of senior year xD Plus I was nervous cause...I'm gonna be honest, I haven't really read the books that were assigned to us LOL There's this book called Jazz...I didn't really pay attention when my teacher assigned it -__-;; It would've either been Hamlet (thank gawd for the plays I watched when I left for Oregon&&The movie we watched in class xD) and Jazz (which.. like I said didn't read >__>;; I only knew what was happen cause of class discussion :p) Then the other option was some poems we've been studying the last couple months :x && after doing the whole process.. It wasn't that bad as I expected? Organically I was going earlier in the morning, but I got rescheduled to like 30-40 minutes later \^o^/ In my class I was frantically trying to go over some of the notes. I was kinda glancing over this one Hamlet passage a couple of times, but I was convinced I was getting Jazz xD When I walked into the IB office, I got the same passage I was studying before coming in!! \^o^/ Ohmygah. Thank you Lord. THANK YOU ♥ But as far as me having to talking in front of my English teacher I was wayyyy to informal -__-;; w/e. I got my main points and hopefully did good x__x
.........Random post is random. But I'm still happy mwuahahaha
I will update again laatteerrr causeee I'm waiting for my pictures to upload&&I feel the need to properly update this poor journal :p

btw, anyone heard Nishino Kana's new song "Distance" ? It's just *__* ♥ Her song and Arashi's "Lotus" and "Boom Boom" has been stuck in my head the passed couple of days x__x

Gym lateerrrrrrr~~
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15 February 2011 @ 10:41 pm
The one I've been stuck with from like kindergarten xD I kidd you not, but I've only seen the front of her house when we were in 3rd grade. I went over her house for the first time to hang out study for our oral exam in Engrish! Which is NEXT WEEK and not this week -__-;;

Unfortunately, we ended up....
  • Watch some Akb48 videos (she's into them right now&&we're talking about how cute some of them are! >w<)
  • Watch some Jrock PVs (we were talking about how popular some of them are getting&&how we followed them when they were still small)
  • Listened to a girl singing to a vocaloid song
  • Watch some amazing crap about ROBOTS. It's really..weird xD
  • I showed her our old classmates on fb (she doesn't have an account)
  • Made me fall IN LOVE with this amazing soy sauce I srsly cannot remember the name of -cries-
  • talked about what we're suppose to talk about for our Oral Commentary next week (but then got side tracked again)
  • Watched this HILARIOUS random video on "Traditional Japanese Way of Dating" LOL
  • Showed me her FREAKIN ADORABLE MUGS her family collects AWH xD
  • Ate potato chips
  • Ate some chocolate icecream
  • Played with her cat~! KYOOOO♥ (He's ADORABLE!! &&Bit me...BUT STILL ADORABLEE~!!♥)
  • Had some epic convos?
  • Rant about how stupid her internet acts
  • I had to attempt to fix/reset the internet box thing
    In conclusion, we failed at studying for our English exam next week LOLOL we accept the fact we're gonna faiiilll -__-;; .....That's how we Asians roll yo. xDD

    Oh, her mom was talking in Japanese, but I'm able to pick up on some words? She was like, "I forgot how to say 'Oishi' in Filipino." I told her it was "Masarap." My friend goes, "Masa-RAPPP! -does gangsta arm moves-" bahahaha! They're superrr nice m(_ _)m &&Her sister gave me this Arashi notepad? (they know I'm into Arashi and how much I love Sho xD Her other sister was like, "Did you see Sho on Oshareism? When I saw him I was like 'Yeah, Cyril!'" LOL<3) &&my friend goes "Here Cyril, my sister gave you this. You can write all over Sakurai Sho's face now!" wahahaha.

    Other than that...I am SUPER sore x___x my uncle and I tried this Turbo Kickboxing class at the gym we go to. Holy shiet I feel like an old ladeh! When I'm stretching my legs I hear them going *crack,crack, crackcrackcrack* LOLOL Yosh. gotta hopefully study for my math test tomorrow...-cries-&&IB Psych exam tomorrow as well -____-;;;

    Gambari mas!
    It's raining outsiddee~! Arashi's in the house yo! xD
    Have a great week everyonnne~~&&hope everything is goooddddd!
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